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Did you know that 17% of people in the United States alone are missing all of their teeth? Missing teeth can cause a lot of problems, such as low self-esteem and difficulty eating certain foods. They can also cause jaw problems, such as jawbone deterioration, and they may make it difficult for people to pronounce certain words as well.

Whatever the case, implant crowns may be the answer! Dental implants are artificial teeth that can improve the appearance of one’s smile but also improve one’s dental function.

Your cosmetic dentist in Lexington won’t have any trouble providing you with dental implants, but you might be worried about the process of getting dental implants, especially dental implant crowns.

Will the procedure hurt? Keep reading and learn more about dental implants from your dentist in Lexington below.

What Are Dental Implants?

Whether you get your dental implants from a dentist in Wellington or Lexington, one thing will remain the same: it takes a long time to get dental implants. That’s because many factors have to go into dental implants to make sure that they fit your mouth correctly.

Your Lexington dentist will also need to make sure that you are a good candidate for dental implants.

For example, people with thin or weak jawbones may not be ideal for dental implants. That’s because dental implant dentistry is not as simple as dentures implant dentistry. Rather than sticking your implant against your gums with an adhesive as you would with dentures, your dentist will instead need to drill part of the implant into your jawbone.

If your jawbone is fragile, the dentist will not be able to do this because your jawbone will be too delicate and won’t act as a good anchor for the implant. In this case, you may need to get a bone graft to provide your jawbone with more substance. This procedure may take several months because it takes a long time for the bone to heal.

However, if the procedure is successful, you should then be a good candidate for dental implants. The first part of the implant is called the abutment. The abutment is a screw-like device made of metal, usually titanium or surgical steel, that your dentist will drill into your jawbone.

This procedure should not be too painful because your dentist will provide you with a sedative. Depending on the strength of the sedative, you may feel some discomfort or you may only feel some pressure. Once you have the abutment, it will take several months to heal because the bone needs time to grow around the abutment.

Do Dental Implant Crowns Hurt?

When it comes to the world of restorative dentistry, including dental implants, you are bound to experience some discomfort along the way. However, the pain you feel, especially during dental procedures, should not be excruciating. That’s because a good dentist will provide you with a sedative that will make you as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

If you find that you are experiencing pain during the procedure, you may ask your dentist to provide you with more painkillers or a stronger sedative. Keep this in mind when you are getting your abutment and implant crown. You may also feel some pain after the procedure when you are healing.

This is a normal consequence of the healing process. Some OTC pain medication should be able to take the edge off, but your dentist may also prescribe you some stronger pain medication at first. However, you shouldn’t let the idea of pain deter you from getting dental implants because they can benefit you in many ways.

The process of getting dental implant crowns should not be as uncomfortable as getting the abutment. The implant crown is the part of the implant that looks like a real tooth. It is often made of porcelain and it will match the color of the rest of your teeth.

Once your dentist installs the implant, no one will be able to tell that you even have an implant because it will look so realistic. When you first get your dental implant crown, you may find that it is somewhat uncomfortable. However, after a few weeks, this discomfort should fade and you should get used to the feeling of the implant.

If you don’t get used to the implant over time, try going back to the dentist to have it adjusted.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many downsides to missing teeth. Many people who are missing a few teeth feel ashamed of their teeth and might be afraid to smile or laugh as a result. This can make it difficult to interact with people and, more than that, no one should have to feel ashamed of their smile.

Dental implants can fix this problem easily due to how realistic they look. They are also very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about them falling out or getting loose. They are also important to restoring your dental function.

With dental implants, you will be able to better chew food, even harder and tougher foods like peanuts or meat. You will also be able to pronounce certain words better and your tongue will be able to sit in the right position in your mouth.

All About Implant Crowns

While it is true that implant crowns can be uncomfortable, you shouldn’t let that deter you from getting them. Besides, your dentist will do everything to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Implant crowns are full of benefits and can restore the beauty of your smile.

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