Oral healthcare affects so many aspects of health and wellness. A good dentist can help give you an amazing smile, prevent cavities, and improve your self-image. 

Dental care today is a nearly $160 billion industry. If you live in the Lexington area, it’s important to find a dental practice that you’ll be glad to do business with. 

You might be asking, “How can I find the best dentist near me?” We’re happy to clear this up for you. 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for finding a dentist in Lexington that can help you. 

Consider Your Current Dental Health Needs

Assess your needs so that you can find the best dentist available. For starters, you will need a dentist that can provide annual checkups and cleanings for you. 

Professionals can provide everything from teeth whitening to extensive root canals. Perhaps you have specific dental needs like braces and retainers, or to handle conditions that you’ve been dealing with for years. 

You might also need the help of a family dentist that can look after oral healthcare for your kids as well. 

Find References for the Best Dentist in Lexington

Select a dentist that comes with plenty of references and recommendations. These references will speak volumes about the level of care that you’ll get from a dental clinic. 

Lexington has a population of roughly 325,000 people. The more direction you have, the easier it’ll be to find a dentist in this population. Dental care has the potential for pain and anxiety, so leave no stone unturned to find a dentist that can put your mind at ease. 

Background Check the Dental Clinic

Always background research a dental practice before doing business with them. 

Make sure that the dental professional you choose is verifiable with the Kentucky Board of Dentistry and American Dental Association (ADA) certified. Find out where they got their dental school education and where they completed their undergrad. 

Learn how long they have been practicing dental care to the public and in which states. Research their license with the state dental board, and find out if they’ve ever had their license suspended or revoked. 

Choose a Dental Practice That Accepts Your Insurance

Seek the help of a practice that accepts your dental insurance. When you have the help of an oral health insurance provider that can pay for your visits, it’ll lighten the bill and help you keep your finances under control. 

With many dental insurance plans, you will likely get cleanings and preventative care visits included or with a small co-pay. Read through the plan prospectus and find out how much you will have to come out of pocket for any other services that you are considering. 

Find a Dentist That Can Provide Excellent Specialist Care

Choosing a family dentist is an excellent decision because they often offer the full gamut of oral health. Many provide specialties like orthodontist care or can refer you to one that they would recommend. 

Oral health specialists can assist you with things like laser teeth whitening and Invisalign braces. Make sure to double-check your insurance policy to make certain that it also covers specialist visits. 

Stop By for a Visit and Take Notes

If you’re looking to find a dentist, your job isn’t complete until you stop by for a visit. The first impression that you get during a dental office visit will tell you a lot about the practice.  

For instance, if the office is junky, cluttered, and you’re not immediately greeted when you walk through the door, it should give you pause about doing business with that dental clinic. 

Choose a dental practice that is well-kept, with a comfortable waiting room and people available to answer your questions.

Schedule time with the dentist to learn as much as you can about their practice and if they’re the best fit for you. 

Learn About Their Customer Service and Use of Technology

Any dental practice that you do business with should also have stellar customer service. You should have no problem with insurance coding, asking questions of the dentist, scheduling appointments, and getting reminders for your upcoming appointments. 

Any dentist that you do business with should go the extra mile and give you a goodie bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss after each visit. 

Your dental practice should have a strong grasp of technology with all of your information in the system. Many dentists today are making use of chatbots and other services that add to the convenience. 

Consider Their Continuing Education and Career Advancement

Finally, do business with a dentist in Lexington that is never satisfied with their current education and resources. The best dentists today also look into continuing education opportunities. 

They might learn about new methods for installing dental implants or other important aspects of dental technology. Your dentist should also have strong relationships in the industry, and should consistently participate in panels and conventions. 

Look for a Dentist in Lexington That Can Assist You

The points above are useful when you’re looking for a dentist in Lexington that can help you out. You’re just a few steps away from your perfect smile when you find a dentist that offers the service you’re looking for. 

Our practice has been in business for years and would be happy to assist you. 

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